A Night to Remember

By Kylee McDonald, Marissa Mitchell and Sophia Lopez
APR 24, 2017

Prom has always been the event that high schoolers dream about before even reaching senior year. A right of passage and a long-held tradition, prom is the last night that the high school seniors celebrate together before graduation. Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) seniors experienced that highly anticipated occasion on Friday, March 31.

This year’s James Bond-themed prom lived up to all expectations. Seniors arrived at the Marriott Harbor Beach in gowns and tuxedos, almost unrecognizable in their elegant attire compared to the blue and khaki uniforms that they have been wearing every day for four years. Entering the ballroom, the seniors were struck by the decorated tables and James Bond decor that the teachers and moderators had set up. To add to the aura of the evening, a Snapchat geofilter had been specially designed for the occasion! Prom involved a night of dining, dancing, socializing, and picture taking. The dinner buffet offered chicken, steak, penne alfredo, mac n cheese, and salad. As the evening wound down, the students also enjoyed a delicious array of desserts that included ice cream sundaes and cookies. Prom-goers found that there was plenty of time to wear off the calories by hitting the dance floor or mingling with friends. Senior Hailey McCawley said, “The best part of prom was making memories with my friends.” Plenty of fun moments were captured in the photobooth.

In the end, prom was a night the seniors will never forget. Senior Macy Uustal said, “Prom was so much fun and I can’t believe that high school flew by so fast.” Although prom was the last major event for seniors, they are looking forward to squeezing in as many memories as they possibly can before Graduation Day finally arrives. Raiders forever!