Cutting for Cancer

By Dylan Bosse, Parker Gainsburg and Maxwell Elam
MAY 05, 2017

Saint Thomas Aquinas (STA) students are always in the mood for giving and in the last week of April, they gave a part of themselves. On Friday, April 28, many STA students took part in an afternoon of support for the second annual STA Makes the Cut. At the conclusion of the school day, 54 girls made their way to the STA gym to donate eight inches of their hair. With the 56 girls who participated last year, the total amount of ponytails contributed to Pantene Beautiful Lengths by STA girls is now 110.

This event has brought overwhelming joy to the students who made the generous donations. They know that there is a serious need in many people’s lives and they are willing to help in any way possible. Senior Kate McSoley, who donated her hair, stated that, “Being able to donate your hair to someone who has lost theirs to cancer not only gives hope to someone who has lost their hair, but also provides a sense of selflessness and excitement to the girls donating …” This fundraiser is not just a minor decision in these girls’ minds because they feel that it inspires them to take the time to think of others. This project not only brings happiness to everyone involved, but it also helps improve each recipient’s quality of life.. With the help of many Raider girls, Pantene Beautiful Lengths was very pleased to be able to provide 54 different types of wigs to those in need.