STA Goes Loco for Hoco

By Tyler Stafford, Isabella Randazzo and Julia Ruggieri
OCT 18, 2017

Azalea, Regina, & Alexandra Dressed as Alvin and the Chipmunks

Homecoming week is the most exciting week of the year. It’s a time to really show your school spirit. With designated dress-up days and a huge pep rally, students tend to get very involved. Traditionally, Homecoming is an entire week of non-stop school pride, and this year was no exception. Each day had a different theme for dressing up. Monday was Raider Pride, Tuesday was Television Tuesday, Wednesday was Past vs. Future, Thursday was Game On, and Friday was Class Color Day. The students took these days quite seriously, as we saw they rocked some awesome costumes.

On Television Tuesday, freshman Isabelle DiGiulio dressed as Kermit the Frog, and sophomore Rachel Alston dressed as Meg from Family Guy. To celebrate Past vs Future Wednesday, freshman Bella Denton dressed as an alien. Another noteworthy outfit on that day was freshman Daniel Neville, who dressed as Jesus. Students weren’t the only ones excited to show their enthusiasm. Some teachers were caught showing STA pride too. Math teacher Mrs. Mingarelli was spotted on Wednesday dressed in an 80s-inspired outfit. She wasn’t the only teacher to wear a costume, Mr. Golden and Mr. Braun also got caught up in homecoming pride. It was great to see that teachers were just as involved as students when it came to Homecoming.

Mr. Braun and Mrs. Gulla dressed up for Past Vs. Future Day

Each grade was given a different theme. The freshmen were The Tundra, the sophomores were Outer Space, the juniors were The Sea, and the seniors were The Jungle. Last Friday, Class Color Day, the hallways were decorated according to each grade’s theme, and each grade wore their custom made t-shirts.

The week wrapped up with two field days in the morning and two pep rallies in the afternoon. The pep rallies included a performance of two skits, one featured freshman and seniors, and the other with sophomores and juniors. The sophomores conquered the first field day competitions against the freshman, and the seniors dominated the juniors. The students loved the performances at the end of the day too.

Isabelle DiGiulio dressed as Kermit the Frog

Homecoming week was filled with pride and excitement. It is always fun to see everyone’s spirit during this week. This year’s celebrations definitely set the bar high for next year’s homecoming!