Opening Eyes at Open House

By Hannah Jones, Madison Nualart and Alexandra Margelu
NOV 30, 2017

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, St. Thomas Aquinas High School’s (STA) Open House introduced potential Raiders to the STA campus life. The event was open to anyone interested in learning more about the school. It turned out that some of the attendees have family members who are STA alumni. Future Raider John McCormick told  Raider Review,  “My brother and sister went here and my dad also went here.” Alumna Ms. Gail Thomas said, “I went here myself, and I thought it was a great school and a great experience.” She is considering enrolling her child next year.

Dr. Aluma giving a speech to the attendees. Photo: Hannah Jones

Visitors were directed to designated classrooms where teachers explained the diversity of courses that are offered at STA. The use of technology is a big contributor to the learning experience. Attendees were able to explore the Innovation Center, one of STA’s state-of-the-art educational environments. The touch screen boards in every STA classrooms serve to enhance the lessons.

The cafeteria was on full display with booths that individually showcased highly profiled honor societies as well as clubs. Clubs featured their activities and involvement in community services. The honor societies spread the word about their weekly tutoring services, available to current students. At the back of the cafeteria, a designated area was provided where parents and their children could test Dell Chromebooks, like the ones used by STA students. At the same time they were able to use it to sign up for the entrance exam scheduled for December 2, 2017. There was a table adjacent to the Chromebook station where they could purchase a book to help prepare for the exam.

Parents and students touring the campus.
Photo: Alexandra Margelu

Along with the use of technology and reputation for outstanding academics, STA is also very well-known for its athletic programs. The coaches were on hand to answer any questions that came their way. Anyone interested in learning more about a specific team at STA was advised to contact the athletics office. The football players and cheerleaders were also on hand at the Open House to welcome future high schoolers. In the gymnasium, the cheerleaders performed their spirited routines which drew loud applause from the audience. The football players and coaches provided a warm welcome to folks as they entered the gym. John McCormick said, “I really liked the Raiders in the gym.” Interviewee Mrs. Gail Thomas commented on how much STA has grown since she was a student. STA continues to pursue the highest standards of education and most competitive athletics program.