Stations of the Cross

By Shannon Scandiffio, Matthew Emmanuel and Jayden Royal
April 16, 2018

On Monday, March 19, Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) celebrated the Liturgy of the Word (Stations of the Cross). The ceremony was a challenge for the actors because they had to learn how to portray the suffering that Jesus experienced, in actions only; there was no dialogue. The Stations of the Cross is the means by which Catholics remember the Last Supper, Jesus’ death and then His Resurrection. Sophomore Carlos Peralta played the shofar to call the assembly to attention and set the tone for the Liturgy of the Word.

Ms. Myrick and Mr. McCormack, STA religion teachers and campus ministers, organized the entire ceremony. Ms. Myrick told the Raider Review that she got the idea for the Liturgy of the Word years ago when it was reenacted by students at her church. After getting permission from the church, she started the tradition at STA. She explained that she was not the only one who took charge of this production, “It really is the students who put it together, pick the songs and the prayers. Mr. McCormack and I help them”.

Before the Liturgy of the Word started, junior Jessica Novello sang the Villa Dolorosa. She explained that the importance of the song is to, “represent when Jesus was walking to Calvary with his cross to get crucified … how we’re supposed to reflect and remember how he died for our sins.”

The Liturgy of the Word was perfectly depicted, and it truly expressed the solemnity of the passion and death of Jesus. Each of the stations lead to another Station of the Cross, recalling what Jesus sacrificed and how he carried the sins of the people with him to the cross. During the Lenten season, we remember the tribulations of Jesus’ last days on earth and we meditate on them to prepare for His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.