Just Walk Out!

By Benjamin Rabinowitz, Sabrina Solla and Matthew Jones Jr.
DEC 4, 2018

Cashiers may not be needed in the near future due to the startup of Amazon’s new stores. Amazon has once again revolutionized the way we shop. All that the customer has to do is grab the item they want and walk out, since there are no cashiers or lines. One of the stores is located in Seattle, next to the Amazon campus, and the others are in the Financial District of San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Illinois. Nick Bastone and Katie Canales of BusinessInsider.com reported that, “Before entering the store customers were prompted to download the Amazon Go app, which created some congestion and confusion outside.” According to some of the employees, customers forgetting their passwords and trying to contact their spouses to log into their accounts, was the “biggest pain point” of the day. The Amazon Go app is required in order to open the gates’ sensors, allowing entry to the store.

Customers shopping at the new Amazon Go store.
Photo: Jason Del Ray/recode

Once people enter, they realize that it is just a modern store with mostly food items. Candy, frozen pizza, chips, beef jerky, salads, and refrigerated sandwiches are some of the many options to choose from in this store. Bastone and Calanes also said that, “Most shoppers just wanted to experience what Amazon calls its ‘Just Walk Out’ technology.” People are curious to experience the new way of shopping, and see if it is efficient. If one does not want the item after purchasing it from the store, a refund is given directly from the Amazon Go app. The BusinessInsider.com article also reported that, “…even without the cashier position, employees told me there’s plenty of work to be done.”

This store is very unique when it comes to new advances in technology. The technology consists of computer vision, which is a branch of artificial intelligence, and sensor fusion to make the store very different from other basic grocery stores. This store could be a major success, as well as a new and improved way of grocery shopping.