Once a Raider, Always a Raider

By Hannah Jones, Madison Nualart, Alexandra Margelu
MAY 22, 2019

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) has been a second home to generations of alumni, as well as current students. It’s a welcoming community that will always open its arms to its graduates and forever be proud of what its previous students are accomplishing in the world. This is not any different for the class of 2019. STA is now anticipating great things for the class of 2019’s future achievements and personal accomplishments.

STA seniors at graduation
Photo: Madison Nualart

Graduation came knocking on every high schooler’s metaphorical door and the sad but happy time in each senior’s life quickly ended. The graduation ceremony was a monumental

final event for the seniors. Graduates invited loved ones to share this final high school event. Although all families are invited, not everyone was privileged enough to make it. Kayla Tillman had not seen her father for a decade because he’s stationed overseas in Korea. The only contact the two have had was via video chats. U.S. Staff Sergeant Anthony Tillman surprised his daughter by attending her graduation. When the two ran into each other’s arms, on the stage, the intimate moment brought graduates, relatives, and faculty to tears.

The class of 2019 has said goodbye to the STA campus community, and hello to college and new experiences. Senior Sasha Elmizadeh shared with Raider Review, “Although it is heartbreaking leaving a school that means so much to me, and moving away from the friends that I’ve made over the years, I can’t wait to start working toward what I am passionate about.” The class of 2019 passed the torch to the class of 2020, who are now ready to take over STA as seniors. Junior Olivia Tolerico told Raider Review, “I have been at STA for all three years, and I am excited to embark on my journey of senior year.”

With big changes just around the corner, the seniors have mentally prepared to commence an exhilarating new chapter. STA will forever be a second home for the class of 2019. Once a Raider, always a Raider.