Meet the Editors

By Alley Faulkner, Yvan Polynice, & Sydney Anderson
OCT. 18, 2019

The Raider Review is back for another season! Editors and newspaper club members are busy making the St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) newspaper the best it can be.

The Raider Review Newspaper Club members run the St. Thomas Aquinas online newspaper. The club teaches useful skills that let students show the world what Raiders have to
offer. There are many different areas of talent required for newspaper reporting such as: graphics, animation, video editing, social media, reporting, and writing.

Tyler Stafford, Editor-In-Chief of the Raider Review

Raiders juggle sports, academics and clubs! The Raider Review’s editor-in-chief Tyler Stafford is a great example of a multi-tasking newspaper Raider. He joined the club when he was a freshman at STA and is now a junior. He worked very hard to earn the title of editor-in-chief. It takes a highly organized person to make sure that the newspaper runs smoothly. Tyler keeps everyone on their toes. “Sometimes managing my schoolwork and the newspaper can be challenging, but it all boils down to my love for journalism. I always make time for it because I truly enjoy it. Journalism comes naturally to me, so it doesn’t seem like an overbearing commitment. I think I have a pretty good balance,” says Tyler. Even though he takes part in five other extracurricular activities, he manages to edit and publish the newspaper.

Santiago Rodriguez, Creative Director of the Raider Review

Santiago Rodriguez, Creative Director for the Raider Review, also participates in multiple after-school activities. As the creative director, Santiago oversees the layout and styling as well as campaigns to promote the paper. Santiago explained,“I assign greater priority to academic work compared to other extracurricular activities. In order to strike a balance between these demanding pursuits, I usually schedule approximately three to four hours a week for newspaper related tasks including illustrating, scripting, and animating material for the Raider Review.” He is also involved with “… Mu Alpha Theta, the school’s math honor society, as both a tutor and competitor for its math competition team. I am involved in the school’s Independent Research class as a researcher specializing in computer science, particularly machine learning. And I am a Tenor II singer for the school’s STA Chorale which has performed in events ranging from the local to national level.”

Last but not least, Madison Nualart is a strong part of the Raider Review team. She is the
Social Media editor-in-chief. In this position, Madison analyzes website traffic, maintains the
publication’s additional web presence, and works with the Creative Director to develop public
relations. Madison not only runs the STA social media pages, she also assigns stories for her
staff to cover.

Raiders are always juggling task after task. The editors of the newspaper are no
exception. Tyler, Santiago and Madison are fully involved with the newspaper and truly enjoy it;
they work very hard to make it the publication it is today.