A Call For Action Against Brutality

By Breanna Wells, Nina Galindo-Calvete, and Qwesi Allen
SEPT 24, 2020

The Black Lives Matter Movement has become a hot topic in our daily news. The movement spiked after the death of George Floyd, a 46 year old man who was killed at the hands of a Minneapolis law enforcement officer. According to the Black Lives Matter official website, the organization and movement was formed in July 2013 after an innocent African American teen by the name of Trayvon Martin was fatally shot and killed. The website goes on to explain that the organization is a “decentralized movement advocating for non-violent disobedience in protest against police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people”. 

The Black Lives Matter Movement has given the black community a platform to have their voices heard by people and the government to stop brutality against them. The Black Lives Matter Movement has given African Americans a platform where their voices can be heard. Through this movement, United States government officials and citizens have become more aware of the racism, prejudice, and discrimination Black Americans face in America.

Systemic racism is still an ongoing issue today. Many different types of races and cultures have positively reacted to the movement whether it be through social media, protests, petitions and other forms of awareness. An article in the Washington Post goes on to say that “not just the African American community are expressing their issues with the prejudice shunned towards them, but also people from the Latin, Asian, and white communities are expressing their feelings towards the movement.” These groups of people have used their platforms and voices to express their feelings of injustice.

Due to political parties and different viewpoints, government and law officials have mixed reactions regarding the BLM movement. However, a majority of  government officials have called for action against those who have shown violence towards the black community.  In an article made by the New York Times, they were able to gain information from a worker inside of a government related practice. He stated that “Floyd’s death was monumental for changing views on racism in America”. People across the nation have strengthened their views and have gained more understanding towards those who receive prejudice.     

As the movement became more well known, petitions and organizations that were in favor of the cause grew, allowing people to donate and educate themselves. People on apps such as Instagram have added websites and organization links in their bios to help spread awareness. Funds that have become a centerpoint in support of the movement include the Black Lives Matter Fund and the Black Visions Collective Fund. 

Many users online have shown their support through resources such as petitions, funds, and hashtags that are used to spread awareness and information on how to contribute to the movement. Hashtags include #nojusticenopeace, #justiceforfloyd, #blm,  #justiceforbreonnataylor, and many more. Fan groups have also gone on to drown out hateful hashtags against the movement with memes and edits of their favorite celebrities and idols. 

Many celebrities and influencers have also used their platforms and fanbases to spread awareness and knowledge to people across the world. 

The Black Lives Matter Movement is a fight for the rights and justice of the African American/black communities. It is just the beginning of ending police brutality and fighting for our black fellow citizens to have equal treatment by everyone around them. 

Feature Image: Protesters marching in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd. Victor J. Blue/New York Times