The Great Sports Freeze

By Nina Galindo-Calvete, Breanna Wells, and Qwesi Allen
OCT. 17, 2020

After dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, many pro sports leagues  had to face their greatest challenge yet: safely continuing games. Many teams have already started planning out their seasons amid COVID-19. With some teams not using the “bubble concept,” COVID-19 infections among the team and league personnel are inevitable.

The United States, leading the world with about eight million cases and over two hundred thousand deaths,  has not made things easy for the professional sports industry as a whole, especially professional sports franchises. Even with the “bubble concept” at hand to help ensure the safety of the teams in general, some organizations do not find this idea likely to manifest. The Star Tribune suggests, “NFL’s COVID-19 outbreak was inevitable, but a bubble is unrealistic”. Despite measures as previously stated, The Washington Post finds, “the Titans and Patriots facilities were shut down after positive coronavirus tests”.  Although cases have taken stage in professional sports leagues, like the National Football League, the organization and franchises are taking a considerable amount of precautions to elongate the current season.

According to CNN, sports are set to start towards the end of the year, after being paused since the coronavirus pandemic. The NBA has already started the playoffs (now ended) in the “Bubble” which is a closed off arena in Orlando, Florida. Wikipedia states “The bubble was a $170 million investment by the NBA to protect its 2019–20 season, which was initially suspended by the pandemic on March 11, 2020.”

The Hard Rock Stadium is taking the necessary steps to provide safety from COVID-19. There will be touchless security scans at all gates, touchless restrooms, no cash accepted, minimum congregation in concourse areas, increased sanitation on all surfaces including hand rails, escalators, tables, etc., additional hand sanitizing stations on the concourse and capacity restrictions in certain areas such as the team store.

Despite COVID – 19 circumstances, many leagues have found ways to connect fans with their favorite players and teams. This has been done in a way that ensures the safety of both the players and the fans.

Feature Image: Getty Images // SN