The Show Must Go…Online

By Leilani Quintero, Patricio Flores, and Roxana Margelu
DEC. 8, 2020

COVID 19, the virus that has changed everyone’s lives drastically, has left both amateur and professional actors alike without any chances to be up on the stage. Due to strict social distancing restrictions, it has been very difficult for many to even formulate a way to perform. This side-effect of the virus has even reached STA; however, faculty has worked diligently to find ways to engage us with the same high quality of theatrical entertainment even with COVID-19. STA Players is planning an upcoming performance event which has been developed to accommodate for social distance guidelines. 

For this play season, Ms. Garrard has opted to present a virtual production: Scenes From a Quarantine, a one act show. The STA Players have never hosted an event like this before. Because of CDC Social Distancing Requirements, the theatre is not able to hold an audience until further notice. Ms. Garrard hopes to have the typical audience back in the theatre again, but for now she remains optimistic and is willing to cooperate with the situation at hand.

Ms. Garrard thinks that one of the biggest challenges she will face moving forward during these challenging times is maintaining social distancing and helping everyone to cooperate with the given guidelines. She also feels that wearing masks will affect the performance of those on stage because the theatre is very personal, and performing requires a lot of facial expressions which will be hard to see with masks. Rehearsals will be affected as well. Zoom calls and Google Meets do not provide the same intimate experience for cast members and mentors to connect with each other in preparation for the show. Scenes From a Quarantine will be released for public viewing in time for the winter holidays.  More information and a link to view this one-act play, which features over 20 STA students, will be made available through STA’s Blackboard in early December.  The Raider Review will provide ticketing information and a link when it becomes available.