Amazing Anime Recommendations

By Qwesi Allen 
MAY 28, 2021

Anime is not for everyone. Those who would like to begin to explore the world of anime should be careful not to jump into a random series simply for its popularity. It is important to feel out all of the genres in order to find one that best suits your interest. Most people either start out with Naruto or DragonBall. Naruto is recommended because even though it is an old anime, it demonstrates the vast possibilities of animated storytelling and animation styles. For a more contemporary glimpse of up-and-coming anime,  the New-Gen anime is recommended. This includes anime made from 2018-current. My Hero Academia (or MHA for short) is a great example for those who would like to give this art form a try. Although it is an extensive five season storyline, the plot, character development, and animation style combine to make it one of the most well received manga style animations of its time. Also, it is easy to understand and keep up with the story. It can be watched on Funimation, Crunchyroll, or Hulu.
Another highly recommended series is Demon Slayer which has just been put on Netflix, and is on other aforementioned platforms. It boasts good animation, decent character development, and is easy to follow and understand. Demon Slayer currently has 26 episodes and a movie called Mugen Train that just recently came out in theaters. Depending on how you feel about anime after you watch these or an anime of your choice, you can move on to longer selections of anime, such as Bleach or One Piece.