7 Ways to Improve Online Learning

By Breanna Wells, Alexandra Margelu, and Roxana Margelu 
MAY 29, 2021

As we come to the end of the 2020-2021 school year, here are some ways to enhance focus and finish this year strong! 

1: Create a study dedicated area to improve focus within classes. This will allow students to be in a quiet, distraction-free zone. Keeping this zone free of clutter and having study supplies at hand will allow students to stay focused while in class! 

2: Developing attention and listening skills will help students to retain information. Being engaged through habits of taking notes will help improve overall knowledge retention. 

3: Creating self goals can help to motivate students to work effectively. Goals such as striving for honor roll or even acing a test can motivate yourself to study a little harder for that next test. 

4: Having a strong approach towards school can improve your overall focus and concentration. This approach should be directed towards learning, studying, and focus within school. This will allow students to have a mindset that allows them to put forth their best! 

5: Taking breaks throughout the day can allow your mind to relax and prepare for what you have within your next class. Breaks are beneficial because they help students to not become overwhelmed with their work. Stretching, eating a snack,  or even lying down are all effective ways to give your mind a break.

6: Keeping strong communication between students and their teachers is the best way to ensure information and details aren’t being missed. It is important to keep in touch with teachers outside of classes. Asking questions about grades, assignments, or even confusion can ensure that both students and teachers are on the same page. 

7: Having a basic sleep schedule is always important for not just school but also your body. Going to bed at a reasonable time will allow your body and mind to get the full amount of sleep needed to be ready for the next day!