Sit, Smile, Snap!

By: Claudia Stover, Abigail Juskiewicz, Valentina Ramos

Everyone has a fair amount of pictures on their phones, some they love, some they hate. The school day that some students may dread the most is Picture Day.They all get ready; the girls get haircuts in the days leading up, and put lots of makeup on that day; the boys get nice neat cuts and hopefully shave. Most plan out their outfits days in advance. At St. Thomas, everyone has a uniform that they must wear, so what can they do to stand out? They would want to have a good picture for Picture Day, after all, it does go in the yearbook and on their student IDs.

Picture Day is usually a day where students and teachers make themselves look nice for their pictures. Although most pictures turned out alright, some students forgot about it altogether and did not have the chance to get ready. The majority of students at St. Thomas Aquinas said that their experience was boring or just neutral; nothing special about it. Some students stressed over taking the picture because they wanted the photo to come out good, although others also stated that they did not think much of it. The majority of the students were satisfied with their pictures.

Overall, the Picture Day experience at St. Thomas Aquinas was pretty good. Some students said that they were a little nervous, although most of them said that there was nothing to be nervous about. It seemed that everyone agreed on the same thing- they did not enjoy the pictures as much as they had hoped to. 

Forms response chart. Question title: Rate your satisfaction level with your picture.. Number of responses: 249 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: How would you rate your Picture Day experience?. Number of responses: 250 responses.