The Beat Goes On!

By: Alicia Longo & Breanna Molina

The Marching Band is back and better than ever! After two years of online learning, the St. Thomas Aquinas community was finally able to see how the marching band has evolved since last season. In the past year, the Marching Band was at every home game, but did not perform their halftime show due to COVID-19. Without the band, STA games just weren’t the same. With the Marching Band on the field again, school spirit is at its peak!

The band has made some revisions, including a catchy song and new uniforms. In previous years the band had worn a beige and navy uniform, but this year they dressed in new gold uniforms. Brianna Merkleson, a student who attended the game against Saint Frances on August 28th, was “absolutely blown away…” with their eye-catching colors. According to Mr. Bradford, the director of the band, “They are comfortable and made to wear in hot and humid weather.” The new uniforms were not the only elements contributing to their success. It was all around a great performance; from the song choice to the classic moves. Several students agreed, “…you could tell they really put a lot of effort into it.” The band practiced for a great deal of time; three hours each day at band camp, an extra practice before school, and during the school year in the field. The color guard’s dance was quite complicated, but it all turned out well, even with the wrong formation. After all, they were excited to be back. The director of the band, Mr. Bradford says, “I felt confident the Regiment was going to do a good job,” and “All their work in August paid off.”

Photographer: Alicia Longo