Walking Through STA

By: Frances Heikes

School is back in session, and Saint Thomas Aquinas has developed a new shoe policy! Historically, the school shoes have always been khaki colored Sperrys; but now STA will allow students to wear both black and white sneakers. The Raider Review ventured out into the halls to speak to the STA students about their opinions regarding the new shoe policy.

(Photo credit: Frances Heikes)There are many differing opinions among the student population. Some students have said that they prefer to wear only the Sperrys while others say they are in favor of the new shoe policy. Reporters from Raider Review interviewed several students of differing grade levels who choose to remain anonymous. A freshman commented that they had no preference and that they wore both the Sperrys and white shoes when they wanted, whereas a sophomore said that they preferred the Sperrys rather than the different shoes. A junior said that they prefer the new policy regarding shoes, as the student is an athlete. Meanwhile, a senior said they did not care but seemed satisfied with either shoes. In spite of the differing opinions, one certain fact is that all of the students are happy with being in school with friends no matter what shoes they are wearing.