Queens of Coding

By: Breanna Molina

Coding is, “the process of assigning a code to something for classification or identification.” The Girls Who Code Club is a non-profit organization that gives girls the opportunity to learn how to code. The club was created in 2019 by Mrs. Foley and she has been running it ever since. Mrs. Foley was more than happy to share her feedback and her experience as moderator of the club. 

The lack of opportunities for women in the computer programming industry inspired Mrs. Foley to launch the club. Mrs. Foley stated, “The club wanted to incorporate girls into coding, since the majority was all men in the industry.” The club believes that girls will bring different perspectives and attributes to the world of coding. It is not fair that only men have the opportunity to code. Foley hopes that her club will help to break down gender-based prejudice in the coding industry. 

In addition to coding, the club provides students the opportunity to interact in a friendly and supportive environment. Service coordinator Ashley James said, “I loved the sense of community… and have been a member ever since”. Maintaining this atmosphere ensures that  more girls continue to join the club every year. The girls feel comfortable with each other when they’re coding; so comfortable, in fact, that they even started another Girls Who Code Club in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. The girls wanted to expand the reach of their club and increase coding opportunities in other schools. 

A lot of people ask, “What else is the club known for other than coding?” The club also digitizes things around the school. So far, they have designed half of the school website and they plan to minimize the paper consumption on campus. Their goal is to make everything digital and

accessible for the students and faculty. The students hope that this platform will be more convenient than using hard copies. A bonus to this is that we can save more trees for our environment instead of using so much paper. 

Overall, the Girls Who Code Club has had a bigger impact around the school than the students have thought. A lot of students think that the girls only code, but they do a lot more than that. Their contributions are creating positive changes in the STA campus environment. So, everyone should try their best to support the girls in the club. 

Honorable mentions: Mrs.Foley and Ashley James 

Picture credit: Mrs.Foley