The Foster Friends Club

By Madison Schlichte

The newly founded Foster Friends Club at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School is unlike any other club that has been founded on campus. The core goal of the Club is to assist children who have been placed into the foster care system under any and all circumstances. The student body works together to provide hope and support to these children through drives, donations and holiday cards. This club works in conjunction with organizations such as ChildNet and Children’s Home Society to guarantee that their donations get to the children who need these essential goods the most. 

 Even though this club was recently founded, the students have accomplished many things in a short period of time. To start, they invited two speakers to educate them on the foster care system and its lack of resources. This is how The Foster Friends Club determines what donations to collect from the students. With school-wide support of donation drives such as a school supply drive that collected notebooks, folders, calculators, etc.; a personal hygiene drive; a socks and pajamas drive, and two holiday card drives, they have tried to bring a little happiness to the children in the foster care system. Since the children in these care systems do not have family to celebrate the holidays with, the club members decorate handmade and store bought cards to give the children messages of hope to make sure that they know that there are people who are wishing them love and happiness during the holiday season. The students hope to impact many of these children’s lives through their inspirational words and hope that they can bring a smile to a child’s face. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there have been limits to the hands-on activities the club has been able to participate in, but they do have interactive activities planned for the post-COVID future, such as repainting the store at ChildNet and working with non-foster care organizations, such as Becca’s Closet, to donate prom dresses to teenage girls in the system. The Foster Friends Club is raising awareness for the foster system through their donations and plans to continue to do so through continuous drives and donations!