Jim Harbaugh

By Earl Kulp

Jim Harbaugh has been the head coach at the University of Michigan since 2015 and holds a record of 49-22. Michigan fans have been disappointed with him about the  lack of wins over rivals; Harbaugh is 3-9 against Michigan State and Ohio State and 35-8 against the rest of the big ten. He is 2-13 against the top 10 teams.These stat lines indicate that he may not be the right fit for the program, even though the Wolverines suffered a tough loss in East Lansing to rival Michigan State 33-37, Harbaugh regathered his team and led them to what is being hailed as the best win of his career, which came against The Ohio State Buckeyes in week 12.  Harbaugh led his  team to a  42-27 victory in the big house and led Michigan to their first big 10 title championship since 2003.  On December 31 the Wolverines faced off with the #3 team, Georgia Bulldogs at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Harbaugh’s loss to the Bulldogs fueled the hearts of doubters.  Although this  ended the drought against the Buckeyes, Michigan State was unable to advance to the Big 10 Championship.