Florida Spring Break Locations

By Gabriella Ligotti

Spring break is a time for students and teachers to have a break from learning and teaching and relax their brain. Most of the time, people use their break to catch up on sleep, hang out with their friends and family, and overall shut out school completely until they return. 

The most popular activity to do is pack the beaches and spend time in the sun and sand, additionally others may go to local pools or water parks. Other popular activities include going to concerts, parties, dinner with friends and families, and vacations. There are many popular  spring break attractions and locations right here in Florida. Universal Orlando and Disney World are two very well-liked spring break attractions where families can enjoy the theme parks together. Some smaller theme park attractions include Sea World and Fun Spot, also located in North Florida. Along with all of its theme park attractions, there are many beaches, lakes and rivers to visit. Floridians don’t have to travel far for fun and favorable spring break destinations and a nice warm vacation in the sun.