The 4th Quarter

By Michele Farfan

With the fourth quarter rolling in, students are anxious for summer to come. The fourth quarter is the last quarter of the school year. This quarter can be stressful for some students because of finals. At the end of the year students have a final exam in every class to see what they have learned. 9th grade student Sofie Fonceca explained, “Fourth quarter has come so quick! I feel like I started STA yesterday. As for finals, I am definitely nervous but that’s why it is better to start studying in advance.” 

For seniors, this is the last quarter of high school. Some seniors seem to be happy to move on to college and some seem to be sad to leave STA.  A senior at STA who decided to remain anonymous said, “Wow, I cannot believe this is my last quarter of STA. I am definitely sad to leave but excited for college. My advice for lowerclassmen is to enjoy every second of your time here because it goes by quickly.” 

The fourth quarter contains a lot with finals, seniors leaving, and students being anxious for summer; however, this is also a very important quarter.  Teachers are also excited about the fourth quarter because they get to prepare their students for finals and attend graduation for seniors. Students will finish strong this quarter and  summertime will come around quickly!