March 25, 2023

Clubs On Campus


GirlTech is a sisterhood of coders that support each other in our journeys through the world of computer science. We teach beginners various coding skills through small lessons and fun activities. Together, we make programs that impact our school and community! Our mission is to promote the growth of women in computer science and close the gender gap in the tech industry. We want to create a new visual of who a programmer is.

OLQM GirlTech:

Through GirlTech, we conduct a program where we bring middle school girls from OLQM (a nearby middle school with limited computer/coding resources) to STA and teach them basic fundamentals of coding through Scratch and block-code projects. It takes place during our GirlTech meetings, and they go to another part of the room where GirlTech volunteers will teach them coding. While they code, they can see us code. (This began as with GirlTech volunteers going to the middle school, but this year starting in October the middle schoolers will come to STA)

 Also look out for  Perfect Club 4 U  coming to Canvas soon

Raiders for ALL Life 

The club mission statement summary is : To build  a culture of life and love for all creation.

Some events going on this year:

  • A few of our community  projects include:
  • Diaper/Baby needs drive for pregnancy center
  • Tree planting (134 last year) to reduce climate change (R4AL  plan on doubling our planting to 268 trees/plants this year)
  • Adorable Emoji backpacks filled with toiletries and toys for Foster children
  • Prom attire for Foster high school students
  • Easter egg hunt for entire STA community
  • School supplies for school in Puerto Rico
  • Paint party for US Veterans
  • STA and MSD unity butterfly garden
  • Compliment cards distributed for STA community
  • Food drive for homeless